Friday, March 3, 2017

Steppe and the Garden (slidelist)

Steppe and the Garden
By Panayoti Kelaidis

Views of Denver Botanic Gardens in 1977
(all annual bedding)
Transformation in Watersmart garden
Perennial border with Mediterranean
    And Steppe plants
Western Panoramas: meadow garden
Ratibida columnifera
Asclepias tuberosa
Penstemon grandifloras
Hordeum jubatum
Plantasia meadow with Eremurus
              Eremurus stenophyllus
              Clematis integrifolia Mongolian bells’
              Clematis tenuiloba
Meadow at Chatfield
Plants lead the way to Steppe:
              Allium aflatuense
              Helianthemum numullarium
              Artemisia frigida
VENN Diagram of Steppe

Dryness due to being in the lea
of Mountain Ranges:
              Rocky Mountains
              Himalaya and Tian Shan
Rainfall in the USA much less than Europe
Cradle of Mankind outside of Johennesburg
              Larges concentration of
              Hominid remains due to geology

Humans evolved on the steppe for over 3 million years
The Human M.O. as Conqueror due to Steppe
Civilization rose from domestication of grasses
Grass family still most dominant
   N America: Sorghastrum nutans
   Asia: Calamagrostis wrightii
   S America: Cortaderia selloana
   S Africa: Merxmuellera nutans
              Petaloid Monocots
Iriodyction section of Iris
    Iris x reticulate ‘Spot on’ etc.
   (Alan McMurtrie hybrids)
Iris iberica ssp. elegtantissima
Iris vicaria   
Iris bucharica
Tulipa sprengeri

  N America: Penstemon crandallii
  Asia. Veronica bombycina
  S America: Ourisia microphylla
  S Africa   Aptosimum procumbens:
  Scutellaria pectinata
Salvia hypargeia
Salvia phlomoides
  N America: Astragalus aretioides
  Asia: Astragalus angustifolia
  S America: Anarthrophyllum desideratum
  S Africa:   Lotonio sericea

Most of the plants in Plant Select are
From the Steppes
University of Wurzurg
Asphodeline Taurica
Aubrieta deltoidea
Steppe Garden
Troughs and Crevice garden
Erinacea pungens
Alpine House
Crevice Gardens invented in Czechia
   Many fine exaples at DBG
   Kenton Seth,
Kenton J. Seth
Check out website and business site
   Large garden at Radio Station in G.J.
Tulipa linifolia & Erigeron compositus
Phlox nana
Ruschia pulvinaris
Aloinopsis spathulata
“Alonanthus” hybrid
Alyssum strybnriyi

Inspiration by design:
Garden in New Zealand
Jo  Wakelin
  NZ Steppe
Growing Eremurus robustus
E. himalicus for sale

Inspiration by Nature
Centranthus ruber
Reseda sp.
Thymus vulgaris
Rheum nanum
Matthiola montana
Pterocephalus depressus
Pulsatilla albana Yellow
Tradescantia albana
Erigeron algidus
Phlox nana at Pat and Joel Hawyard’s
Eriogonum corymbosum In nature and the garden
Zauschneria septentrionalis
Monardella macantha ‘Marion Sampson’

“The land of Soria is cold and dry
Over the hills and bald peaks
Springtime passes
Leaving among the aromatic herbs
Her diminutive white daisies”

Antonio Machada
(Spanish Poet)

Website: www.
Twitter: #Telesonix

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